Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Daisy

Have you ever felt like one of these daisies? Just one of a thousand? One that no one else sees? One that gets looked over for someone who is bigger, better, brighter, whiter, more pollinated, taller, and perfect? No one sees you, because you blend in. You try to achieve the standards that everyone around you tells you that you should achieve.. And as a result, you only blend in more. People look at you and well, they see everyone else.

It's a heart-breaking feeling.

You do your best. You try so hard to be the best daisy there is. But quite honestly?

There will always be a bigger, better, brighter, whiter, more pollinated, taller, and perfect daisy. That's just how life works. Unless you are God, you cannot be the best... Not to everyone, at least.

When you look at a field full of daisies like the two above, you don't single out any of them. They all kind of jump up at you as they practically scream "pick me!! pick me!!" (no pun intended ;)).

We human 'daisies' do the same thing. We try to follow every mold placed before us of what we should be as a prospect wife or husband. We try to squeeze into the financial molds placed before us. We try to squish ourselves into the personalities that seem to attract the most people. We wiggle and squirm as we try to get the physical properties down... Brushed hair, white teeth, sweet-smelling (unless you're a guy, then it's not sweet.. but still attractive), clean clothes. We are wired it seems, to do whatever we deem necessary to attract the attention of "the one" we want to "pick us."

Here's my challenge.

Rather than trying to mold yourself into the 'daisy' you think you have to be so that you will be picked, why not allow God to prune you into the 'daisy' that He wants you to be?

Why not let Him, not some guy or girl, shape you into the one that He has created you to be? From the beginning, He has known who He wants you to be. He has known the plans He has for you. And better yet,

He knows who He wants to 'pick' you.

Read that again. Not who you think should. But who He wants.

As you allow Him to prune you, you might find that He is taking away from you what makes you look like everyone else. Thing by thing, detail by detail, He will remove all that makes you just like the other daisies, and make you you. It will probably be painful, but what is left in the end is what He wants you to be known for.

He will take the ugliness and make it beautiful.
He will take the mistakes and make them miracles.
He will take the flaws and make them perfect.
He will take the doubts and remind you of promises.

When He is done with you, you will not look like any of the other daisies... They might laugh at you, and you might feel overshadowed by them, but dear daisy, you are anything but overshadowed.

Rather, you have become a daisy that will stand out in a crowd. And there will be one person whose eyes will be drawn to you. They will see the work that He has done, and "pick" you because of that. They will "pick" you because you allowed Him to work on you. When they "pick" you, it will not be because you are bigger, better, brighter, whiter, more pollinated, taller, and perfect...

It will be because you humbled yourself and asked Him to prune you so that you can best bring Him glory. When we humble ourselves before Him and ask for His help, He will reveal the proper time for us to be "picked," outshining all of the other daisies.