Saturday, October 6, 2012


During my morning coffee dates with God, I've been reading through Captivating by John and Stasi Eldgredge. That book has brought tears, laughter, hope, and a longing to know God in a new and exciting way. 

There are very few books that I've read that haven't convicted me of all I'm not doing as a "good Christian woman." Laying out all I've done and left me feeling horribly short of what I "should" be, according to the author. This is a book that calls to the heart of a woman to Love God in the way she desires to be Loved. A book that encourages the woman's heart to take her longing for security, romance, and purity to the Lord. To Love Him as a Beloved, rather than a master. 

Morning dates with God are better when you have retractable crayons to highlight the things that stand out :)

The God of the Universe wants us to know Him as Ishi; "My Husband." He desires to betroth us to Him (and He says it three times) in righteousness, justice, lovingkindness, compassion, and faithfulness. These are all the things that He is, that we are not, unless we walk with Him. These are the things that a woman's heart longs for. That ultimately, we will find in Him if we pursue an intimate, bare-all relationship with Him. 

This concept still hasn't sunk in to my mind yet. That this is how He wants to Love us. That this Love and betrothal to Him will last forever. There is not one relationship on this earth that is eternal, that will last forever. This is how we will know the Lord. It hasn't sunk in, but it makes my heart excited. When I read through those verses, the longing to know Him was overwhelming. To know Him forever. In righteousness. In justice. In lovingkindness. In compassion. And, in faithfulness. It is not a regime of rules and laws. It is a binding of Love. I can only imagine how much more we will strive to shout His name, if we Love Him so.