Monday, December 24, 2012

He is Christmas

Time flies by faster than seems possible, most days. The world spins at an alarming rate, begging us to keep up with its whirling ways. Calling to us to play games of popularity and prosperity, pulling and crawling our way to the top... Of what?

In the midst of the crowds, the noise, the shove, there is a quest for more. There is a silent calling to our hearts. The call of a Child who was born into a crowded and busy town during an uproar, it's softness piercing the chaos. The call of a Lover that only we can hear, speaking to us strongly when we are weak. The call of a Man who endured the trials we face now, loving when we are surrounded in brokenness.

Here. Today. The call of our Savior. Born in perfect grace, in imperfect circumstances, to the least perfect people. People like me.

There is healing in His voice. Strength in His grace. Hope in His call. And eternity in His Love. He is the gift we so swiftly forget each day. The gift that is here for our taking every day. And the gift that will last until the days are no more.

He is Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas darling daughter of mine..
    I am so thankful for you..
    Thank you for articulating the cries of my heart this season..
    He is all we need.
    I love you